Djokovic disqualified from the US Open for hitting a lines woman in the throat.

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Nature of injury, ranking of injury does not come into play - Right decision was made.

It hurts badly as this major was for the taking.

Come back stronger for RG, Novak...

Double Career Slam after the double masters slam incoming.


Just saw the replay. She flopped....or it was a bullseye on her Adams apple.
Second look....didn't look like he hit the ball hard enough to have linesperson helped off court.
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That is another "intervention" from the heaven or from the under world (pick your side) together with COVID-19 to keep Roger Federer as the leader in number of GS titles. This is totally bad decision by the judges for the unfortunate and unintentional hit of lines person by Novak. Idiotic decision. But Novak got his karma back for all the things he did lately.
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