Djokovic fans: What is most frustrating Us Open Final loss for ya'?

Most frustrating Us Open Final loss?

  • 2007

    Votes: 1 7.1%
  • 2010

    Votes: 1 7.1%
  • 2012

    Votes: 2 14.3%
  • 2013

    Votes: 4 28.6%
  • 2016

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 2021

    Votes: 6 42.9%

  • Total voters


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2007 - had set points in first two sets.
2010 - had he not being tired after SF vs Federer ,he might won.
2012 - hurricane final, Only HC GS for Murray.
2013 - you know, 4-2 and 0-40 at 4-4 in 3rd set.
2016 - how many break points he choked?
2021 - Once in lifetime opportunity for CYGS. Mentally collapsed. Med serving like maniac.

Hawaiian grip

He wasn't winning 2010 anyways, and 2016 he had a laughable draw including WOs and was already looking spent, so any of the others.

mike danny

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2010 - had he not being tired after SF vs Federer ,he might won.
Sorry, have to disagree here. Nadal was on fire and Djokovic was not at his physical and mental best yet, Federer semi or no Federer semi.

This also happened to be his best loss by the way of the ones you listed.
2010 and 2016 should not frustrate so much as nobody expected him to win in 2010, and in 2016 he should not have been in the final to begin with. 2007 and 2013 he had some set points but ultimately it was not particularly close. 2012 he lost to a guy like Murray so completely unnecessary and 2021 he missed the CYGS, so if I was a Djokovic fan those two would hurt me most.


2012/13 both very frustrating because in both situations he was the better player and had control of the match, and let it slip. Losing one of those is justifiable but losing both was bad.

2021 isn't really that frustrating because it wasn't even really a match.

2007/2010 he wasn't ready.

2016 was quietly a bad loss and a frustrating one. It's overlooked because of his health issues, but that match for him was similar to Federer's 2015 loss. Djokovic won a higher percentage of points on his serve and let so many chances on the return slip. It's grouped with the 2015 RG final loss because it was Wawrinka, but it was a very different match.


He was destined to lose 2012, weather played too much of a role. 2013 is the only he should have won. Was in total control in 3rd set and let it slip.