Djokovic Has A Guru (article, w/pictures)


Good move. Just one suggestion - find a better Guru. This seems more like fraud to me. Don't waste time on these "hugging" Gurus.


Robbie Koenig kept saying that Pepe Imaz is actually a tennis coach for Djokovic, not a Guru for Djokovic. Imaz is part of the coaching team.


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You are not doing very well with your assumed tactics.

In the other thread you missed the underlined full-stop that has been such an incredible source of strength to your argument.

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So when is Novak going to sack this creep?

I can't bear to watch him any longer gazing benevolently at the court with that fixed expression while Novak utterly craps the bed on court. Get rid of the fool.


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Another rule from the "Book of self-made rules that litlle kids use to speak their secret languages".

Well done, little 6666.

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