Djokovic Kohlschreiber


kolsh looking solid, best ive seen from him in a while, but I think joker is getting his wheels in gear now, i definatley think 3rd set and close


Interesting. 2 games away for Kohli.

Still PK is only a 65-35 favourite to win the match. And PK has to hold-out. If Djoker gets a break and gets back on serve it's like 90% likely Djoker wins the match

King No1e

Novak isn't at top form right now. I still think he can tough this one out, but the chances are decreasing every game.


Love him or hate him, he will fight back. That is what all champions do. Broke Kohli. Now Kohli will have to serve it out.


Hall of Fame
Who said that? LMAO
Still the favorite for USO and strong contender for Wimby. A loss in M1000 doesn't change that.
Agreed. He was experimenting with his shot selection and aggression but struggled when he tried to play in his pusher mode. Kohl was too good today
Yea something was way off today, time to improve and be more "ready" for the next tournaments.
6 Big tournament finals in a row came to end today, but i feel it was a much needed loss
What matters is that he is ready for the upcomming 3 Grand Slams.


Better get the warning now than at an early slam round.
Looks like #1 rank may not be as secure as expected though...