Djokovic offers musetti to travel with him in private jet
Djokovic and Musetti are on great terms. The Italian sensation is just 19, and he is supposed to attend the last test at the high school. However, the date of this test has been postponed from16 to 21 June. Therefore, Lorenzo is not able to play any tournament before Wimbledon. In addition, it would be tricky for Lorenzo to travel at the last minute from Italy to the UK with a commercial airplane. In fact, if just one person would be found positive for Coronavirus, all passengers would be isolated. That means that Lorenzo would skip the Championships.

Therefore, Novak Djokovic offered are ride to Lorenzo on his private jet when heading to London. Act of a champion!

By the way, I already know the reaction of some of the posters here: "Djokovic smells danger after RG scare and tries to soften up future ATG Musetti !?"
Don't bother. :cool:
Djoker is hoping Lorenzo will owe him one if they meet in Wimbledon.
Exactly. It falls under the category of:

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"
Well, act of a guy being friendly, has nothing to do with being "a champion." Players share rides all the time on tour, from what I've read, as well as lodging. If the ride happens to be a private plane, all the better.
How about "djokovic does some pr exercise for his meltdown in the berrettini match" 8-B
Even AI chatbots are less predictable these days.


Also, Djokovic seems to have already started thinking about packing his luggage and leaving Paris even before his SF is played. 8-B
Wow I didn't think of that one. how about this one. The plane is a contained environment for a virus. That's all I can tell you right now. Let your imagination fly :giggle:


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You must not know me well lmao I live for the memes, not for Djokovic's public image.
I posted this because I knew it would spice things up before the semi. Looks like I'm right.
You can actually see live how many bad apples there are (a lot ofc) by just posting news like this and that goes for all Big3 fans. Actually disgusting :-D


One traveler one plane.
Since Djokovic will take care of the green grass at Wimbledon,
It’s totally fine on an ecological standpoint.
What a shame.


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Muestti can sleep safely tonight, knowing Earth's defender is there for all citizens in their time of need and protects them all.
This is really annoying stuff, gentleman.
I mean by what logic do you label Nole as earth's defender and protector of citizens etc??
He has zero control over what happens on earth except for maybe a 10% influence in Serbia.


Good for him. I wonder if Kyrgios would get a similar kind of deal if Djokovic ever finds Kyrgios stranded. :-D


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Put me on ignore, because it is a below a gentleman of such distinguished nature as yourself to be triggered. I wish you good day sir and yes, sleep safely. :) (y)
I really didn't mean to hurt your feelings, gentleman. I just wanted to express my feelings and opinion about that, kindly don't take it as a personal attack or something.
And no, not gonna put you on ignore, because for me its a 99% full glass, not 1% empty.