Djokovic Practice


Hall of Fame
I just wanted to share this high quality practice session I just witnessed. Unbelievable concentration levels by Novak. Look at the start and his use and mechanics of the off-arm. As a tennis fan, I have to say this is one on of the best quality practice sessions I’ve seen.



I’m not a Djokovic fan but I’m a Djokovic “appreciator”. The guy is a machine. And he is fit. While in this state it will be interesting to see who can stop him. FO will tell us a lot...
Honestly, the results at FO won’t matter too much...

If Nadal has a revival and demolishes Djokovic in 3 sets , then it’s still entirely possible Djokovic will pick up Wimbledon or the US Open (as is his usual pattern).

Regarding the video, Djokovic gets amazing extension on both his forehand and backhand. Especially for a bent arm forehand player. It’s no wonder he takes the ball so early..

His forehand also looks a lot more fluid in person