Djokovic setting a new goal for himself


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hah that related news headline such a click bait. "Murray fed up with failure"
turns out its his mom talking about davis cup. laaaaaaame.


Rooting for his rivals fail is more important than rooting for their favorite. Certain elements of the Fed fanbase in a nutshell
I wish him a long career. I'm just predicting his downfall will start by the end of this year. It is inevitable and he doesn't have the weapons Federer has to stay competitive after losing his quickness.


As Federer was inspired by Agassi's longevity, so now is Djokovic inspired by Federer's longevity. Although what Federer is now doing is at a higher level and more difficult than what Agassi did at this age, imo, as I think he has more mileage on his body than Agassi did at the same age.

With his style of play, it would be insanely impressive if Djokovic could play at level as high as Federer at 34, but I wouldn't put it past him if he's determined and most importantly continues enjoying playing.


Appreciate his positive attitude and nice words for Fed there. I wouldn't be surprised though if his decline happens soon considering how physically demanding his style of play is. Baffled as to how he has escaped injuries seeing how often he does those insane slides..


He should set a goal to learn to serve and volley. It's never too late to learn.
He is not a natural volleyer like Edberg or Rafter but he has improved a lot since Becker has joined his team. In my opinion his net skills are underrated.


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I remember back in the old days when I was an athlete myself, my coach was a national champion and the record holder in high jump. At that time he was about 35-36 and still could jump. So that year, we both participated at the same competition in our hometown. Sure thing he won by jumping 216cm and I've come second jumping 213cm. He too scored big in front of home crowd. It was his Basel :)
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Lol, he don't need Agassi draw, he can still beat anybody apart from Hewitt from that time, what he need a draw without Novak and Rafa.
Exactly my point. That'what I meant by Agassi's draws. Andre barely faced an opponent as good as even Roddick in 4 of the last 5 slams that he won. No wonder he inflated his record so much


Highly unlikely. He turns 29 before FO. As history shows us, tennis isn't kind to post-29 players, his style of play makes it even more unlikely. To pass Federer he needs 7 more slams, that means a post-29 and post-30 career the world has never seen. Buuut, statistics have been beaten before.