Djokovic shoe switch


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Anyone noticed Djokovic's recent photos have one thing in common: No sight of his tennis shoes...?


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Thanks sir. I was actually guessing what's the status now, with his footwear been completed out of sight. Maybe Adidas is trying to save the deal? He did posted a practice photo wearing an old Adidas model a few days ago.
I would assume the shoe deal runs to the end of the year so wouldn't he be contractually prohibited from being photographed in another brand?


it's time of the year that pros ask more money (raise their value: in good expression haha) from currently endorsed company.
Probably Adidas needs ND but don't want to pay more. ND wears another company shoes then Adidas has to match what other company offers.
I don't think Adidas will make another mistake (it was one of worst decisions which Adidas made. it was outrageous contract from ST but they should match the price excluding bonus.)


I wouldn't be surprised if adidas dropped novak, moving forward they are going to be promoting Zverev big time. This includes his own signature shoe built off the ubersonic platform called the Gen Z