Djokovic still hasn't won a slam without dropping a set


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He is paid extra by tournament organizers not to mow all his opponents in 3. For the entertainment of the public, duh.....


Even more surprising Novak's only had 3 one set title runs.

He's likely won the most Slams losing 5+ sets just on pure volume.

Fed had two clean runs and three one set so it's not a massive margin.

Nadal has 7 I think of 1 set or less.


Throwback to US Open 2010, where Rafa lost a solitary set the entire tournament, 7-5 to Djokovic in the final, arguably because of a let cord.


If he wins a Slam at his age without losing a set, his detractors will say his opponents are too weak and that’s why he is winning. So, it is too late for him to correct this.


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So much for being dominant.
It's an incredibly rare thing to do. There was 27 years when nobody in the men's game did it - from Borg doing it at the FO in 1980 until Roger did it in 2007 at the AO. Then 10 years before Roger did it again at Wimbledon 2017. Of course Rafa's done it four times at RG, which is incredible in itself.

Djokovic will probably never do it and who cares? All that matters is winning the slam, not how many sets you drop on the way to the title.