Djokovic vs Murray AO 2016 attracted more viewers than Djokovic vs Nadal AO 2019


It means people didn't really care about watching tennis in Australia after all(since this is numbers from Australia only)

No wonder Tiley is worried slam gets moved to Asia, sponsorship numbers must be low too


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2016 was probably the least excited I've been about a men's Australian Open final for a long time. I thought that Murray had no chance of winning, and that it would be a case of groundhog day with Djokovic beating him in Melbourne yet again.

I was far more intrigued about their RG final later on that year, given that Djokovic was chasing a place in history and had previously been in 3 finals himself there without success.


I assume there was probably a WILL HE FINALLY DO IT narrative conjured up which caused that? If not then it’s all Andy, because Novak ain’t pulling in those numbers with anybody else :laughing: Wonder what the 2010 final between the two Aussie Open TV ratings titans did.:-D