Djokovic vs Nadal at W18 could be one of the most important matches in history


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This match is HUGE for Nadal, Federer and Djokovic in terms of legacy, specially for Federer and Nadal

Just think about 2 different outcomes and how big the reprocussions would be from each

Nadal winning would mean:

1.He has a chance to win a grand slam at Wimbledon, which is huge in the slam race, considering how often he gets knocked out in the 1st week in the past years, how many more chances will he have here? Adding 1 more slam here could be huge, and would make it much easier to catch Federer considering he has much better chances at all other 3 slams, specially RG.

2.If he wins he is at 18, just 2 short of Federer, 2 is alot better than 3, and the win coming at the least likely slam

3.His chances of winning the final against Anderson are much better than Djokovic, so he is more likely to win and get 1 slam nearer to Federer, considering he does much better against big servers than Djokovic historicaly:

Djokovic - Anderson 5:1
Djokovic - Isner 8:2
Djokovic - Karlovic 1:2
Djokovic - Roddick 4:5
Djokovic - Kyrgios 0:2

Total: 18:12

Nadal - Anderson 5:0
Nadal - Isner 7:0
Nadal - Karlovic 5:0
Nadal - Roddick 7:3
Nadal - Kyrgios 3:2

Total: 27:5

Djokovic winning would mean:

1.He denied Nadal a great chance and keeps him at 3 slams behind Federer

2.Djokovic gets the chance to get nearer to Nadal, if he is to win the final he would be 4 behind Nadal, and also nearer to Federer with 7

3.Djokovic is 8 behind Federer, so no doubt that the swiss would prefer Djokovic to get the slam considering his chances of catching him are much smaller than Nadal's.

4.Djokovic also has less chances to win the final vs Anderson, considering he does much worse against big servers as the chart above shows, so not only does Djokovic trail much further behind Federer, he is also less likely to even get 1 slam closer compared to Nadal who is more likely to win against Anderson.

When both 3 retire, maybe we will talk about this match as one of the most important ones when it comes to total slams and the legacy
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AO17 was crucial in terms of legacy.

Providing the winner of this match wins Wimbledon, then this match will also be crucial.