Djokovic vs Zverev 2021 AO Quarter final

Who's gonna win and how?

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2021ATP Cup
Outdoor HardRRNovak Djokovic673 62 75
2020Nitto ATP Finals
Great Britain
Indoor HardRRNovak Djokovic63 764
2019Roland Garros
Outdoor ClayQFNovak Djokovic75 62 62
2018Nitto ATP Finals
Great Britain
Indoor HardRRNovak Djokovic64 61
2018Nitto ATP Finals
Great Britain
Indoor HardFAlexander Zverev64 63
2018ATP Masters 1000 Shanghai
Outdoor HardSFNovak Djokovic62 61
2017ATP Masters 1000 Rome
Outdoor ClayFAlexander Zverev64 63

Djokovic is ahead 5-2! Last time Zverev got a win was in 2018 at the Nitro ATP Final.
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Djokovic in 4

I find it hard to imagine Zverev could beat him over 5 sets at the Australian Open. Is Zverev playing particularly well?


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Not gonna lie, if Djokovic can get through this one I'll start to get excited about his chances of winning the tournament, especially given that on all eight previous occasions that he's got past the QF stage he's gone on to hold up the trophy. Won't be at all straightforward though.


Djokovic in 4. I expect him to hold his abdomen in excruciating pain after every point he loses, but he will run like a leopard and hit like Mike Tyson and give credit to the pain killers after the win,
Taylor, you already said this in your post match interview. Let it go, man.


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Djokovic in straights. I don’t think Zedrot has a chance in hell to beat Novak in B05 at his pet slam. Then no more having to look at that hideous sleeveless shirt.


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Maybe four sets, but Djoker is winning it handily. Zverev would have to have the serving day of his life to even make it close.
Zverev for sure is better than Raonic, and I think he can make it brutal for novak, ma'am.
Though he'll have to be careful and not drop his guard when novak looks a little jaded or compromised.


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It’s hard to decide which Djokodal QF opponent is more worthy of iweepforthefuture.gif

Now don’t ask me how, but I got a hold of abdominal biopsies from both players, sent them into the Melesian mindfields and he sent back a smoke signal that read ...

“Zod in 5”.

And it all means nothing at all because our saviour Aslan will expose all false deities and 30-somethings with compromised movement in a hail of inside-in FH winners.


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I think zverev only wins if djokovic is injured/not at his best.

70% djokovic will be enough. It will be enough vs dimitrov as well.

If djokovic is below par, only medvedev will be able to push him enough. The other guys are not good enough to push an even off par djokovic.

Rafa will also be able to do something if he can get over any mental issues.

If djokovic is not injured/hampered, then this tournament is already over.