Djokovic was absolutely masterful today (an appreciation)!


At the risk of being Captain Obvious, Novak Djokovic was absolutely masterful today, defeating Rafael Nadal (another all-time great and his own greatest rival)
6-3, 6-2, 6-3 to win his record 7th Australian Open title and 15th overall slam. It was also the third time in his career that he has won three consecutive majors, and sets him up for a shot (though far from guaranteed) at completing another NCYGS.

The scoreline, if not the victor, was a shock to almost everyone who follows tennis. I was undecided as to my pick heading into the match, and was rooting for Rafa (maybe 51-49%, as they are my favorite two players), knowing that I would be part-elated and part-deflated either way.

Regardless of who our favorite players are or who we were rooting for, I just hope that everyone can (as, hopefully, we are all fans of tennis) appreciate just what we saw today. Some will cluelessly say that either or both of them were in the finals due to a "weak draw", which shouldn't even be dignified. Clearly, these are (at the moment), the best two players in the world, who both came into the final coming off dominant semifinal performances - with Rafa in particular playing great all tourney long.

It was one of the best matches of Novak's career and while Rafa didn't play his best, I would say that this was about 85-90% due to Novak's level, and about 10-15% due to Rafa having an apparent off-day. Novak came out with pinpoint serving, was moving well, returning as only he can, and directing the ball during rallies with great precision and command. His level barely dropped at all the rest of the day.

There is so much partisanship and negativity on these boards. I just hope that, as supposed tennis fans, that we can all appreciate Novak's incredible level of play today - and at a match of such magnitude!


Bionic Poster
They both had a weak draw and it's clearly the case that Nadal is in decline, so he is now no longer on top in real terms. There is only a BIG ONE.