Djokovic was without fitness coach at Wimbledon 2019

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The world's best tennis player has decided to "swap tickets" in his professional team - Goran Ivanisevic has come, and long-term fitness trainer Gebhart Fil Gric has gone .

Novak Djokovic won Wimbledon, the fifth time in his career, after he defeated Roger Federer in the epic finals after five hours of the game.

Success in London from Novak's Lodge was watched by some new faces, instead of those we used to see in that place in recent years.

On the first Sunday with him was Goran Ivanisevic, who was called for an indefinite time to bring in new energy, but the team did not have Gebhardt Phil Griech, long-time fitness trainer Novak Djokovic.

Although it seemed that the Austrian had just made a break, it turned out to be wrong, but they decided to end the co-operation.

Marjan Vajda, Novak's coach discovered this after winning the 16th Grand Slam title of Djokovic.

He told a portal that Gric decided to change his job.

"After the failure of Roland Garros, we were all a bit disappointed, so we made changes to the composition of the staff. Gebhart Fil Grich decided to take the place in the Austrian Olympic Committee, so he did, and he was not with us at Wimbledon. after many years of co-operation and someone will soon take over his place , "Vajda said of a fitness expert who before collaborating with Djokovic was Tomas Muster, the former Austrian tennis player, who was at the time the first on the ATP list.

Austrian, who is one of the most deserving for Novak's great form in recent years, started cooperation with Serbian as early as 2009.

They broke up after many years, in May 2017, when he fired Wade, but after a period that did not yield positive results, he again joined his team.

In the meantime, Djokovic introduced a new face - Goran Ivanisevic into his team.

"I am a positive person, and so I accept the arrival of Ivanisevic." Before Wimbledon, we needed to bring a fresh atmosphere to the team and Goran's arrival that was done, he was short with us and he was active at that time. we have a similar Slovene mentality. We will see what this cooperation will bring us in the future, " said Vajda.
Sounds like Gritsch just couldn't afford full commitment anymore so he took a job which won't require that much traveling. He was already absent in Novak's box even before RG at times. Guy is already 63 yo, so it's understandable. Hopefully Novak will find someone as competent to replace him. Don't see what Ivanisevic's short presence has to do with it.


Sad to hear that :cautious: Maybe that's why Amanovic was with his team in players box.