Djokovic's biggest threat at the USO?

Who can beat Djokovic?

  • Nadal

    Votes: 27 36.5%
  • Medvevev

    Votes: 34 45.9%
  • Tsitsipas

    Votes: 4 5.4%
  • Zverev

    Votes: 1 1.4%
  • Thiem

    Votes: 3 4.1%
  • Any other

    Votes: 5 6.8%

  • Total voters
Medvedev has the best chance and consistency to do it. Zverev and Tsitsipas if they're zoning can do it too. Rafa is always a threat, but I think the younger guys are bigger threats to Novak at this stage.

Djokovic is definitely favored for the USO, but it's his most vulnerable slam so we'll see

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Nadal. I am sure ND hitting 20 will motivate the heck out of him.
Thiem is the last prayer that fans who don't want CYGS have.

Watch their YEC and AO and RG matches. The only guy on tour that can overpower Novak consistently point after point.

Medvedev and Zverev will win the baseline battle, but Djokovic has the variety and net game to pick them apart.

Nadal is about to find out that there are way too many contenders on HC and you can't clay season the HC swing. He is old and won't be able to manage 2-3 tough matches in a row.

Thiem however is at times so much of a consistent heavy hitter that Djokovic won't be able to apply himself without taking risks.

HOWEVER, Thiem is injured and wearing a wrist brace that isn't coming off till July 31.

Then he will go into rehab. Don't think he can make USO in time or in form.


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One Spaniard who has more USO titles , better h2h and same number of GS.

Anyone who pick anyone who never even won GS as Djokovic biggest threat at USO is shizophrenic.
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Meet your next gen challenger to this current/next gen champion - Rafael Nadal. Lmao. Nobody else even comes remotely close. Could be some in form mug catching fire and going on a tear but don't count on it.


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I think Rafa nadal surely is biggest threat, thing is you need a guy who needs it equally badly like djokovic to have a chance against djokovic. All thee next gen are short of experience and it seems there desire currently is not that high so only Rafa can give it his all and try to take advantage of lapses in concentration djokovic will have. Remember djokovic gets fully tuned in against federer/nadal but when going for Historic achievement like Calender grand slam there are bound to be nerves which can only be exploited by someone like Rafa who has experience and will have nothing to lose( apart from no 21) like djokovic who will be chasing unimaginable Historic achievement!!!


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So many players are more comfortable on HC than grass, so it's hard to say. But it's not Nadal, who's likelier to be upset by the youngsters than Djokovic. Nadal hasn't beat Djokovic since '13, and he's not starting now.

It could be one or two unexpected youngsters, like Berrett and Shapo at this Wimbledon.


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The biggest threat to Djokovic is always Djokovic. Stefano and Med will be neck and neck to face him in the final.


I predicted Berrettini to win Wimbledon because I just felt change in the air, but did I really think Berrettini would win? Wistful thinking at most.

But, I really believe that Djokovic is not winning the USO, and for several reasons: There are many more threats at the USO, he's always struggled at the USO, and the pressure of winning both the CYGS and #21 will add to his struggles at the USO.

And, I think the tennis gods wanted 20-20-20 all along. They won't allow Djokovic, Nadal, or Federer to win #21.


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And, I think the tennis gods wanted 20-20-20 all along. They won't allow Djokovic, Nadal, or Federer to win #21.
interesting thought, maybe this could be true, but anyway with all at 20 still djo has a slight adv. over other two


Himself. Every match he plays is on his racket.

As we see with matches like the RG final, it doesn't really matter how well an opponent plays, he still has the ability to raise his level high enough to beat today's top players. The days are lone gone now where there's a Federer/Nadal/Murray/Stan who can beat him straight up if both players are playing their best. Rafa at RG was the only one left and now even that's gone.

For someone to beat him at a hard court major, even his "worse" one in New York, it's going to require him dropping his level either from mental for physical fatigue. Thiem was the only one with the small chance of taking the racket out of Novak's hands like Stan used to, but even at his best he couldn't do that for 3 sets in Australia, and he's certainly not going to do it now at the USO with how his season's going. We know Zverev with his powder puff groundstrokes can't take over a match, best he can do is serve well enough to keep himself in the match. Tsitsipas sure isn't going to do it on hard courts if he couldn't pull it off on his best and Novak's worst surface. Medvedev obviously can't take the racket out of anyone's hands with his style, and he's shown he doesn't have the consistency in big Bo5 matches when the pressure mounts.

If Novak doesn't win the USO it'll have to be a completely random and unexpected loss before the final by some dude just having the day of his life without any pressure on him.