Djokovic's mum predicts dominant era


Proud mum Dijana Djokovic declared the start of a new era for men's tennis after her son Novak beat Rafa Nadal to win Wimbledon on Sunday but the beaten Spaniard was less sure.

"Now it's Novak-Novak, now you will see," Dijana told reporters after being asked about Roger Federer and Nadal, who have won 24 out of 29 grand slams since Wimbledon in 2004.

"It's very hard for four years to be number three. You cannot move on. Now he's done it," added Dijana.

Spectators shuffled for the best position to take her picture as jubilant Serbian fans sang "Another victory, another title, Nole you're the King and a tennis god."


Well Djokovic is plating unbelievable tennis right now, but can he keep it up for 4 or 5 more years?


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If he can maintain or improve his level of course he will be dominant. He still has some areas he can improve on and that is scary. It says alot that novak completly lost his nerve in the third set and came back to win in the fourth. I was just very impressed with his win yesterday. He put together yet another comprehensive win against Nadal on the biggest stage in tennis.


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Now let's hear it from the mothers !

I mean no disrespect but i really burst out laughing when i read the title. I hope she doesn't jinx God's son like she did last time. Maybe its time for one of Fed's "Quiet Please, ok" :D
Djokovics mom is never mum.
*tips hat*

I shall desist from posting my favorite gif.


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I guess she is planning to get pregnant again and have few more sons.
Then Serbia would dominate men's tennis for rest of the 21st century.


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Yeah, I'm sorry - I'm just not that interested in listening to her.
rueroo, Mum's always know what's best.

My mum, a Rafa fan (I think), keeps saying what a fighter Rafa is, and how he won't give up at all etc etc. She's right being a mother. See, we must listen to mothers always.

^ fednad, that must be your funniest, epicest post.


Look what Nole said to the press today:
"“I want to win more Grand Slams. I want to stay No. 1 as long as I can and try to win the US Open, the French Open and next year the Olympic medal.""

I think he will be there for a long, long time


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I wonder if this confidence will truly keep him at this level, discovering an entirely new era of his career, or if this year will be an anomaly, and he will go back down to 2010 level.


He´s to old to get an own era right now.
He´s one year younger than Ralph and still 7 majors behind him.
Can´t see him winning majors past his 28th year..


If you are the best player in the World for 3+ years you had an era. It doesnt mean you are the best ever.


Didn't she already predict this back in 2008 when Djokovic won his first Australian Open?
Yeah she told us the King would be dead... What happened - The King went on to accomplish his CGS and win the Channel Slam.
She has a sense for those predicitons, indeed.


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Mum's always know what's right. A few years back my mum saw me posting on TW and said i would be GOAT. See, Mums was right. Always listen to Mummy.