Djokovic's Racquet adjustment?


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Just saw an article posted by the ATP tour where Novak said that he recently made so racquet adjustments, anyone have any inside info?


His swing speed looks slower, and his depth is not the same so far. And the reporter asks if there is less power and Djokovic essentially says yes by saying the racquet is just a tool, it isn't everything.


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'...more power and angle on the serve.' While the power boost could, I guess, be referencing the 18x19 string pattern - not sure how less lead fits the bill; more racquet head speed? - and I suppose a slight increase in spin, again from the open pattern, could lead to better angles on serve, normally comments like that would be attributable to an increase in racquet length.


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In photo three - Lacoste shirt - above, does the racquet handle look longer than in photo four - Uniqlo shirt? (Sorry, old eyes lol!) A slightly longer racquet would certainly make sense re apparent lead reduction; an ageing athlete needs more power, not less, precisely why Rafa added lead. If his arm is really still so bad that he needs to reduce weight - which whilst gaining maneuverability could also lead to more shock to the arm as well as less power, tough times may lay ahead. Although probably fanciful, it would certainly be a nice triumvirate for us oldies that have tried to turn back the clock with equipment mods; Rafa more weight, Fed bigger head size and Novak a longbody. Maybe Muzza should try all three - if he ever makes it back.


How about we need all these guys back. I don't care if they all play with wood sticks, but to see Fed, Rafa, Nole, Murray and Stan competing well, I don't give a toss about their SW.


Didn't racquet deceleration plague Djoker before he went on his successful streak?

Seems like I remember reading something about him "decelerating" the racquet speed during his strokes before he made it Big Time.


It’s not helping him. His shots have less drive and he seems to hit more toward the tip. His shots are loopier, and don’t penetrate like they used to. It took Fed abut two years to fully adjust to his, so Djokovic has a ways to go.


It will take him some time. You can see the energy from Novak that he want instant results now. He may have to wait until his game comes together. Novak plays a very demanding style of tennis. The guy slides on hard court and retrieves everything. It looks like he is using a subtle racquet adjustment to help with the transition.


Mabye it would have been a better idea to focus on first getting back into best possible shape and then maybe start tinkering. Cause the thing is now with things not going that well theres always going to be a doubt that can creep in to youre mind....humm is my new equipment helping me or making me actually play worse. The old equipment he already knows works so he doesnt have to think about that...not sure this was the right time to start tinkering....


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It's impossible to really tell what if any weight differences are. But the string pattern is different.

Remember post 2008 to 2010? Novak changed from wilson to head. He's had a lul in the past when he changed. It's not that weird for a player at that level to be in a lul when they're changing the launch angle of the racquet and such fundamental things like serve technique. If anything that change in serve motion is the biggest "issue"; he is having issues on the big points, and isn't getting very many free points. The fitness too. So only time will tell.

On the SW front it could be that he lowered it a bit. 370 is pretty high, and if he's having elbow issues to the point where he's had multiple surgeries, softening up the string bed (by reducing the cross count) could work well with dropping 10-15 swing weight points. Most guys are using 350-360 swing weight. Nadal is in the low 360's now (roughly).