Djokovic's stamina issues - Do you think he will ever overcome them?


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Seeing as stamina issues have plagued Djokovic throughout his entire career through many tournaments even during his years as a junior do you ever think this will be something he will completely overcome?

He's worked so hard to improve every aspect of his game and has multiple coaches to hone many aspects of his game and still they aren't able to make vast improvements on his stamina.

If you were watching on ESPN American channel, the commentators went into great depth during the match explaining Djokovic's MASSIVE drive and work ethic to do whatever it takes & ANYTHING to become NO.1. That has been his dream since he was a little kid and its always something that he believed he could achieve.
So that puts the idea that he's not training hard enough to build his stamina out of the picture.
I'm pretty sure its something chronic with his body that always one part or another of his body gives out, whether it be his back giving out, his legs cramping, loss of breath.

He's said that whats happening is he gets excited in the moment and he loses his breath, but I think thats just covering. He obviously doesn't want to admit a major chink in his armor to competitors, which they could obviously use to their advantage to beat him.

So what do you guys think given all this? Will he always be plagued to some degree by low stamina?

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