DNA of TENNIS; performance anxiety, tennis trauma, coaching philosophy & beyond

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We are back philosophizing and debating the world of tennis! Grab a cup or two of coffee, buckle up and join Tim, Troy and Michelle as they chat about everything from how to become a better player, exploring ourselves through the game of tennis, mastery of the sport vs. winning and BEYOND.

With 3 very different backgrounds and opinions, we challenge you to join us in these debates and discuss with us beyond this episode!

Happy Hitting!
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Tim gave an example of a coach who has 2 out of 300 students who are top 10 players in the area having a 99% failure rate. Then proceeded to say you would never go to a surgeon who had this kind of success rate to perform a medical procedure. This is an absolutely ridiculous comparison. No coach on his/her own can make a player successful. The coach can provide ideal technical instruction, teach the student ideal shot selection, and even provide the environment and tools to develop the necessary fitness, agility, strength, and endurance, but the student has to work on these things on their own since the student might only spend 2-4 hours (1 or 2 lessons) a week with the coach. If the student lacks the discipline, motivation, drive and desire to practice, he/she won't be a top player, but that's not the coach's fault. A surgeon's success rate isn't measured in the same way at all.