Do Barricade III's Run Small?


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Yet again my luck is crap, I oredered some BIII's that were on discount, but wouldn't you know it they don't have size 7(UK), they have 7.5 though, She told me (the person who phoned that is) that BIII's tend to run small and 7.5s would fit me, is this true? Also, could i use insoles to bridge the gap? Do they have to be special insoles?


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They fit me well. I wear a size 12 and it was perfectly sized with a little extra space.

It's pretty nice though. I can fit in a gel heel insert, a gel insole insert, thorlos, and a ankle brace without any tightness.


they do NOT run small. probably a little big like these guys are sayin' good shoe though, so get one that fits ya right.

good luck!


thats strange. i run 9 in nike breathe free 2's but a 9.5 in the barricade 3's.

the breathe free 2's are feeling a bit snug on me though.


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My BIII's run large.

When I switched over from the II's to the III's (size 11.5) I had to start wearing two pairs of socks - Definitely bigger. Once I got used to it I started liking the cushioning from the extra sock, but now that's hot out that second layer of cotton is really starting to bug me.

Nike Breath Free 11.5's and my old BII's fit perfectly.