Do I need an insole?

Discussion in 'Shoes and Apparel' started by crash1929, Jul 20, 2011.

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    Hi I wear a 91/2 Nike (Rafa's Shoe). I've had em now for about 2 months. I was thinking of buying new ones because they feel flat now. Do you think if I buy insoles and take the origianal ones out that they might feel like new again?

    If so which insoles? Does Nike sell them?
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    This does not answer your real question, but I bought new shoes and within 4 weeks the insoles were extremely flat. Certainly a new insert of some sort needs to be put in.
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    Stock inserts are not really insoles but sockliners (or footbeds), and are merely designed to provide a more comfortable and snug fit. But they don't really offer significant shock absorption or support - that's the job of the actual shoe (i.e. midsole, arch shank, etc).

    I found that adding squishy insoles for cushioning isn't really all that helpful. If you really need extra cushioning that bad you probably ought to get a new shoe. The shoe itself will come with much thicker and denser integrated cushioning. So I think if you want to replace the sockliner you ought to go for some kind of supportive, orthotic insole, especially if you are getting aches and pains.

    And the best on the market is probably Superfeet. I recently purchased a few pairs of Superfeet premium insoles (orange and blue) and have been very happy with them since. The blue in particular are great for athletic footwear and offer nice arch support and a more comfortable ride. They fit perfectly in my Barricades without taking up too much space! I think you'll find that when the heel/forefoot cushioning of the superfeet insoles inevitably wear out, you're still left with a good level of heel and arch support, so it's worth it!

    *EDIT* I also found thicker socks to be helpful in providing extra cushioning and comfort. I wear Thorlos crew tennis socks Level 3 (which is the highest thickness) and I found that they prevented me getting any blisters on my big toes. I dropped squishy insoles in favour of the Thorlos and never looked back. Only problem is that Thorlos + Superfeet is a tight fit indeed, so if you use an insole it's probably best to use a thinner sock than L3.

    So no, you don't need new insoles, because the sockliners that come with the shoe are not really what provides the support + cushioning anyway. But if you did choose to get some I'd recommend Superfeet. Or go the thicker sock route.
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