Do many of the WTA players use stock rackets?


Many ATP pros seem to use modified rackets under a paintjob. Now I wonder... do female players also need a higher swingweight and all this stuff or do many of them use stock rackets? I know some of them use PJs, like Mauresmo, but are the rackets stock or modified?


I think most serious players end up doing some kind of modification to their frame sooner or later. I mean if it plays great now, wouldn't an extra 5g here or there make it play even better?


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I spoke to several pros about their racquets and all except one said that weight was added to their frames- Mashona Washington, Lisa Raymond, Vaidisova, Cara Black, Carly Gullickson, Mattek all have weight added to their racquets. The only pro I met, who uses the same stock racquet available in stores with no weight added, is Angela Haynes!