Do people on here actually ENJOY tennis


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Why do people come on this board? Does anyone actually enjoy this sport? Yeah, there are alot of people on here that do, but i think alot of poeple come on here to bash players and fans. How can you say all these pros suck, are lame, and losers? This is BS. If all you do is hate the players and hate the game, why come on here and ruin it for everyone else?

Roddick gets to the final and loses to Rog, the best ever...and he 'sucks'

Henin gets to all 4 GS finals this year and she wins 1...and she 'sucks'

Roger wins three GS titles this year and hes 'boring and predictable'

Tiger sits in Federers box for the final and hes a 'traitor' and doing it for Nike.

This is insane. Is there anyone out there that appreciate this game for what it is, even if their favorite player loses? Everyone but ONE player in each tourney is gonna be a loser, technically. Does anyone actually think this was an amazing USO??? You had the great stories of Andre, Billie Jean, Martina, and Jimmy Connors back around the game. To me, this US Open was awesome, and I come on here and everyone bashes the players for every little action. Ooo so James Blake said he thought Fed was better than Tiger. They play different sports!! They are both just as dominant as each other.

Everyone on here has to argue that they were right and bash everyone else. F-ing ********. Anyone else here love this game and the two weeks of each GS? Please, theres gotta be some poeple.


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I do. I enjoy tennis. I even watched the women's doubles when they showed it. I'm sad there isn't another grand slam for a while. Davis cup and year end championships should be good though :).

Wish year end was still in Houston so i could catch it.


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I just think there's a lot of pre teens and teens here. There's still a bunch of cool stuff to read all the time. Take what you like and leave the rest, or better yet, have a good laugh. Sometimes it's hilarious.


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I agree with you so much man. Everyone's got a nitpick on here about somebody that they love to make the whole board aware of...


of course people here love the sport of tennis. greatest sport in the world. but that is also why people come here to voice their opinions. i mean wat good would it be if people didnt have sum disagreements. i love tennis, but i still dont like some things about the sport. just leave it be, no since gettin angry about it.

"winning isnt is the only thing"

" i HATE losing more than i LOVE winning"


As I already said, bashing a player or his fans is the top sport on a tennis board.
Some poster here has a nice sig.
"Wise people speak, when they have something to say - fools just speak to say something." - or something similar.
Seems like the later is the rule here and tennis just a pretense to let it out...


If I have enjoyed a match, I usually stay away from this place because some people have the tendency to suck the joy out of any match.

This is a place to see people with different opinions about what makes a tennis match fun and exciting clash.
The problem with that is that it's becoming more and more pointless for me since many posters in here have made up their mind long before coming to the site and they are not willing to listen to another point of view with respect.


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Agreed, I love the match and everything, then I come on here and it sucks everything i liked out of it. Too many immature fans. apprecaite the great game. appreciate what poeple like Roger can do that no one else could or can. Not bash players constantly.


I have been around these boards for the past 5 years or so, and I feel that the average age of the participants are probably around 16. and the average skill level is around 3.5

So, just set your expectations low, and you'd be glad when you start to notice whose postings are worth a minute to read.


I enjoy tennis. It's just too bad that I'm stuck at my computer at work for 10 hours a day, 5-6 days a week, so all I can do most of the time is just browse the Internet and post on these forums instead of going out to the courts. :p


I enjoy tennis... when I am hitting shots that go where I want them to. Gotta train those suckers.
Competition is fun also.
I don't like bagels though, or breadsticks.
Yes, it does seem like a lot of posters on these boards only do so to complain about a player or criticize, and occasionally, amazingly say how they could do better if in the same circumstances.

There are also a number of those who you can sense from their comments that they really do love tennis, follow it closely, and post because of solid knowledge and devotion to the game and its players, past and present.

Personally I would say I love the game. There are few things more exciting or anticipated as when I can walk on a court and play, as when I simply hold one of my racquets in my hand, as when I sit down to watch a match in person or otherwise, as remembering those days when I was 4 year old watching my parents play for hours each weekend morning. Few things as pleasant as now introducing my own daughter to tennis and seeing she had natural aptitude.

My enthusiasm has lessened somewhat in watching matches wholesale now. "Back in the day" during my semi pro playing days, when my favorites Becker, Edberg, Lendl, Mecir and others were still on tour, I would watch any and all matches, any time of the day or night, recorded what I could and wept when I could not. I have absolutely hundreds of tennis magazine back issues I will never part with, and old VCR tapes I'm converting to DVD.

But these days I do not feel such a connection to the tours. I pick and choose what I watch, and sometimes would much rather read about such than watch. But my love of TENNIS has not changed. As Becker once said regarding Wimbledon, "when i step on the court, there is an electric feeling that comes up through my feet, through my body to my right hand...." That's love for the game. Many share it.


Love my tennis, loved the us open thought it was great!!! And Roddick is my fav player and made it all the way 2 the final and is continuing 2 improve...


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You ask a good question. Sports fans in general are idiots. The bigger the fan...the bigger the idiot. Most fans love their their teams or players uncondtionally and vilify their opponents mercilessly. Diehard fans have a difficult time truly appreciating the sport they are watching or the great players because they are so blinded by their devotion to their players and/or teams.


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Tchocky said:
The bigger the fan...the bigger the idiot.
very true.

one more: The more users on a forum, the higher percentage of a particular group of people you will find. (i.e. larger schools generally have better sports teams with bigger selection). You tend to see the outspoken, brash, and loudmouth people talking the most, and the more reasonable and logical people talking the least.


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I do love the sport, and when I go to Cincy, I even like watching the pros practice, just to see what they do differently during practice than what I do. That said, the majority of the posters here are under 21, and so they have never seen or sometimes don't even know who Tilden, Budge, Laver, Johnson, Rosewall, etc. are, and sometimes never have seen Borg and the rest ever actually play. So take some of the comments here with a grain of salt and don't worry about them. Also, they are some over-30 year olds here who like to argue, so age doesn't mean anything!


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I'd say the majority of people on this forum have a more positive outlook towards tennis than it would appear. When everything is working fine, most people are content to just leave it be and go on with their lives. It's those who feel the need to vent and rant that are usually heard so it appears to be a lot of negativity on this forum. If you realize that it makes the complaining a bit easier to ignore and the good posts that much more enjoyable to read.


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McKennanPark said:
I just think there's a lot of pre teens and teens here. There's still a bunch of cool stuff to read all the time. Take what you like and leave the rest, or better yet, have a good laugh. Sometimes it's hilarious.
CHING, CHING, CHING we have a winner folks. There are also quite a few post-teens here who act like pre-teens.


Unfortunately, I live in an environment where talking about the Game I LOVE falls on deaf ears. Thank God I'm also a huge Football Fan because if I weren't, I'd have nothing at all in common with 99% of the people I know when it comes to sports.
Your observation of this Forum isn't totally accurate from what I've seen thus far. I've followed Tennis for many years and could probably speak about Players that most have never heard of but were at the Top of the Game when I was watching & playing.
There are Players that you just don't care for and others you adore. I watched Andre grow up along with Steffi winning her first title against Chris Evert. Just a lanky skinny kid with a great forehand and for some reason I saw something in the way she played that told me to watch this kid.
I personally felt sorry for Roddick when he made his debut because he was hyped beyond what was reasonable in my opinion. We were so in love with Sampras, Agassi, Courier & Chang that anyone coming after them had to be as good if not better.

When Blake lost at Wimbledon this year, as far as our American Commentators were concerned, Wimbledon was over. So on this board we are no different, we want our heros to win and when they don't we need an outlet. Hence, Forums or Blogs if you will. Even though it appears mean-spirited it's actually not. Most of these Posters are just frustrated and thirst for excitement as in upset. Just think how cool it would have been if Andy could have pulled it off? At the same time, we also love records being broken and that's what we got with a Federer win. I don't think anybody hates Federer. He's just too damn good and until the rest of the field climbs to his level, we take pot shots but respectful pot shot that is.

Give these people a break, it's fun to vent sometimes and if the subject matter isn't of your liking, don't respond.
I use to love Mary Pierce but lately I've witnessed some antics by her that I found to be poor sportmanship like tatics. Now she's no longer in my 'Wanna see her win' column. This doesn't mean I'm a jerk, it simply means I have an opinion that is either agreed with by others or not.


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This forum is a great outlet, we didn't have it six years ago. I know when I'm on the court, or watching pros at Indian Wells, the last thing I'm thinking about is some whack poster on this Forum. The photos/videos are amazing but I miss some of the original posters for their insight. As with many Net sites you have to sift through the posers/idiots, its a free world and TW does a great job of allowing us all to vent/talk/kibbitz.