Do you ever want to change just to change - a fresh start?


I used to be a racquet junkie, but then settled into Pure Drives 7-8 years. They're great, I have no "issues" with them. But, one is cracked and the other is simply "old." I could just go get new current generation Pure Drives and know what I'm getting. Yet, I sort of want to get something different - not because of any deficiency in the Pure Drive - just because. A Pure Aero, or a Head Extreme - or maybe something not even in that category, or a return to my Prince roots.


Yeah...I dunno. In another hobby I used to be a junkie in, I finally kept going back to one model and, due to a lack of desire, stopped trying even new releases. With the experience of discarding all the models I didn't gel with, I was hard pressed to be convinced that anything new would better what I kept going back to. Moving on to tennis, I've recently discovered a frame that I play way better with. I'm hard pressed to play any others in my collection. Not sure I've found *the* racquet, but I am not far off. Perhaps you just need a reminder of how everything else isn't as good as the Pure Drives you settled on before?

Though I do know of a good junior player in town who just switched from Pure Aero Lite/Team to a Blade 104 v7. I can't think of a bigger change in spec (keeping about the same weight) and she has improved her game. Are you looking for something different specifically? Or just racurious?