Do you give 100% when you are feeling a bit rough?


Wondering if you are also crazy like me when you've got cold/flu/cough whatever, you pop a paracetamol and go play. I don't get a lot of play in a week. So if I fall ill, that's a long wait before I have my next tennis session. I hate that. What do you guys do? Stay indoors? If you do go out and play, do you give your 100%?

Or do you start with .. cough cough I'm not feeling so well but I still came out to play.
Firstly I'll say that the severity of the illness matters, but that's up to your discretion. It is important to listen to the body and rest when needed.

That aside, it's all about the mindset you have walking into the session. I find that when I'm not feeling a 100% (sick, sleep-deprived, sore from the gym) I work on different aspects of my game. I find it easier to go back to the basics and focus on relaxing my swing, concentrate on the follow-through, maybe work on abbreviating the swing to put in less work. When you're feeling under it's hard to focus on more than one thing at a time and I try to make use of that feeling. As for the partner you're hitting with, no reason to bring it up, I'm sure they will notice themselves if things are that bad. Don't try to do too much, focus on less so you can enjoy the session more.


Theres no monetary reward for recreational play. if im not feeling my best why risk it. if I really get sick then it affects my real job. Secondly I play a lot of doubles and if im not feeling 100 percent then Im just hindering the team.

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No, defenately not. At 50+ a touch rough feeling is an indicator not to strain your body too much or you will catch, what is coming.

No more on pain meds - all contributed matter and anti-matter are still subject to disclaimer

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hehe, i understand the OP...
let's say i only have 1 or 2 slots during the week that i can hit due to scheduling, etc.. and i get sick... presuming i'm still ok to fight through (ie. not so sick that i'm bed ridden with chills, body aches, etc...), i'll force myself to go for a light hit.
i probably won't have the energy to drill hard, so i'd prefer to play points/sets, for the rest between (usually my practice sessions are waaay more taxing).
i probably won't run down as many balls, and if i lose, that's ok, i still got to hit.
interestingly, when i'm sick, even with a fever, my focus goes up, and i play better... but just won't last as long :p
As a newer player, I'm completely obsessed. So far nothing has kept me from going out to the courts, even the day after I had two wisdom teeth removed. It wasn't pretty, and everyone was surely disgusted by the amount of blood soaked gauze I went through.


I was not sick for like a year now.

But a year ago i went to play and thought i was giving 100% but it just felt so empty, no proper footwork, no energy alltho j was trying, and it was horrible play, ton of misses.