Do you have any realistic conspiracy theories regarding tennis?


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My personal conspiracy theory is that Hawkeye isn't as accurate as it purports to be, and this is the main reason why it isn't generally used on clay. The very function of the system would be discredited when a physical mark doesn't match the computer reading.

It's claimed that clay can't be accurately tracked because it's a gradually moving surface. But I don't buy that. Hawkeye has nothing to do with the surface of the court, and everything about the trajectory, speed, and spin of the ball. Maybe the lines of the court get gradually moved over time, but that would be negligible during a 3-hour match.

I'd also say that the ''silent ban'' conspiracy theory is not realistic. It just makes no sense whatsoever. Why would a sports organisation internally punish a player in that way?

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Toni has ties to the mob. Got gangsters to threaten the ATP to slow down the courts or there would be severe consequences.



Djokovic is actually a cyborg. He gets programmed before each match. He got turned up to level 90(out of 100) before the Zverev match because everybody hates Zverev. If Fed goes to the final, he might get turned down to 80 to give the old man a chance at winning a set. However, if Nadal goes to the FO final without dropping a set, then look for the technicians to turn Djoker up to 95. And if Djoker goes into the 2019 USO having won the previous 5 majors, then he will be turned up to 100 to win the CYGS to shake up the world.