Do you like only one of the Big 3 or do you like them all?

Which of the Big 3 do you like?

  • Djokovic

    Votes: 24 24.5%
  • Nadal

    Votes: 12 12.2%
  • Federer

    Votes: 25 25.5%
  • All of them

    Votes: 35 35.7%
  • None of them

    Votes: 2 2.0%

  • Total voters
Where's the additional options on the poll::)

Fedal (probably the most popular after fed, nadal individual options)


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Played with Federer's racquets for more than 20 years (ps85, kfactor90, RF97); one of my greatest tennis wishes is to watch Rafa at MonteCarlo Masters quarterfinals (!); I made a selfie with Djokovic when he played in my home town.

I like all three.