Do You Only Keep Your Preferred Racquet, Or Do You Have A Varied Collection?


Just curious, Im sure that we all go through many brands and models of racquets, but after you've settled on one frame, do you keep the ones you also tried, sort of as a collection, or do you sell them on and just buy a few more of the same one as backups?

I've firmly settled on APDC's, but I have a few other racquets as well like a K90, YouTek Radical etc, which I enjoy hitting every now and again, I dont think it harms my game in any way.

How about you then? How do you store them if you do have a mini collection? I keep all mine in a 12 case at home, and when im playing matches take out either a 3 or a 6 case.


Ive got a APDC and i still have a hit with it when im messing around (big headsize helps)
My k90s are match sticks very strict about it


I have a varied collection. My two KBTs are my match frames, and in addition I rock a k90 and ag100 to mess around with, and an n95 for nostalgia.


The K90 is a great stick, but matches only? I dont think I could pull that racquet off well in a competitive situation if I didnt practice with it as well.


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1 Prince Ozone Pro Tour ( customized )
1 MGExtremePro ( doubles )
2 Kblade98 ( customized )
1 K90 ( fun 4 touch shots )
1 K88 ( fun 4 groundstrokes )
3 MGPresMids ( customized )-Main sticks... for now...

In my possession but not in the bag... Reb95 (experimenting) and a KbladeTeam ( experimenting ).

Demoing the RDiS 100 Mid right now..... It never ends.. ;)


I kept my PDGT's after switching to the Speed MP. Brought them out after a few months of not playing with them and started bombing serves and ripping up the courts again. It feels like the Speeds, with their low forgiveness, made me a more consistent player who's better able to take advantage of the PD's power. I'm keeping them.


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1 Yonex RDX 500 mid (screwing around)


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^ Yes. I noticed the same thing with my K88.

The K88 feels like a 'wrist-assist' for flat shots.

I use it to warm-up... then when I switch to regulars.... the bat-speed goes-up significantly.


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I have a soft spot for pro staffs, so i have a small collection of frames:

- 2 x ps85 (St Vincent)
- 2 x ps85 (China)
- n90 (asian)
- KPS88
- K90

I have 2 MGPM's i am currently using, but i want to demo the x90 and see how that plays