Do you think this is Zverev's year to win a GS?


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Olympic 2020, Cinci and has not dropped a set in this year's USO, could this finally be his time to win?


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If he does it, beating Djokovic and Medvedev, it would be an amazing feat and no one can deny his greatness.

The Fedfather

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He dropped a set to Sock. Regardless, his level was great, he has the right potential but starting to look on edge here for whatever reason. His QF match brought my hopes of Zverev beating and even challenging Djokovic down.
You don’t agree that someone beating Djokovic in a slam is a great player?
No I don’t. Takes more than beating someone once in a slam to be deemed a great player.
Broken clock is right twice a day. Blind squirrel gets a nut too. You catch my drift?


Zverev certainly CAN win it, we all know he has the is more about what is between the ears and he has quite a potential tough path. If he gets past Nole, how much mentally and emotionally will ge have left for the final, especially against Medvedev.


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He already won the Olympics which is even bigger for him. He repeated this in an interview before the US Open when he talked about last year's final and was asked if he would exchange that win or a win of this year's US Open for his Olympic gold medal. He laughed and said: "Zero chance, obviously."