Do you want to achieve NOLE’s mental toughness?


Hall of Fame
The answer is simply No. Sorry but in today’s poisoned environment of political correctness and acceptance of everything, societies produce b-grade human sheep that follow the rules. Eat,work,sleep and obey. A non stop cycle of brainless consumption until death.

But but but......

There are still some small countries like Serbia where a father can teach his son how to became a great MAN and take his natural role in society. Where a man is a man and woman is a woman. And that’s how balance is preserved and people with great potential and unlimited willness are born.

Just watch Noles father body of language. Leftists will say that behaves too arrogant. No he is just a real man that speaks his mind and created the ultimate tennis warrior. It’s no coincidence that many Yoguslavian athletes have similar toughness.

A comment from the video below says that his father last sentence is hilarious. I am not laughing. Noles father is not laughing either. He means every word he uses. Dad to NOLE: he can say whatever he wants. I MADE HIM not the other way around. And he is dead serious. Noles dad has created a champion. Not a b-grade human slave. Jokes are for others.....

I am a true Nadal fanboy and i enjoy watching Federer’s attacking style of play more than anything. I hate Noles game. It’s too robotic and uninspired. But give credit where credit is due.