Does anyone know the status of the Wilson Ultra line of rackets going forward ?

SC in MA

I noticed that the Wilson Ultra line of rackets, except for one, is on clearance.

Does anyone know the status of the Wilson Ultra line of rackets going forward ?

Are they being refreshed, discontinued or replaced with something new ?

Also, anyone know if Wilson will have continue with a 16x15 Spin Effect racket going forward ?


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I was told it will get a refresh. Wilson is pretty predictable and will most likely do the clash paint scheme but with Blue.

Since they tightened the blade lineup for this release I would t be surprised to see them go from 5 models down to 4. Scratch the 100UL or the 105S.

My bet is they scratch the 105s since they are opening up the blade 104 pattern(16x19).


I guess the main difference will be that it will get "baseliner" stickers. After degrading the Burn line to prestrung only they have 2 "all-courter" (Clash, Ultra) and 2 "attacker" (Pro Staff, Blade) lines , sending all baseliners to Babolat (at least those who believe in all this).


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I saw a video that was posted to ************** on accident that was showcasing a Wilson bag but had a 2020 Ultra in it as well. It had the same cosmetic as the new blade with flex feel but in blue. When I called it out they promptly deleted the video and reposted without the racquet in it. So, should be seeing it soon. They are probably play testing it as we speak.

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The one I saw on the video looked nothing like that. It was very clean. The baby blue ultra color with gray sides like the blade. It actually looked very good, to me anyways.
I have seen it in person and it looks like cheap crap