Does anyone pull 2 strings at time?

jim e

Did it one time because I was in a hurry, been doing it out of laziness but started liking the lower tensions and stayed with it.
Since you asked for comments, here is mine.

I'm sure you will not like my response, but you asked for it.

This should have been posted in the stringing techniques section as you would get more responses.

Just don't do it.

If you like the lower tension, then lower the tension, but do not double pull. You are correct about your comment that it is laziness.Years ago I saw a stringer in a big box store string all mains and crosses with double pulling. It was a sad thing to see. Usually stringers that would do this takes other shortcuts as well like stringing all mains on one side before going to other side. I have seen that as well . Most stringers strive for consistency and follow certain protocols and would not take such short cuts, unless you work at a big box store and can care less of the job you are doing.Those stringers probably string at a discount per racquet and since they do not get reimbursed much and as such take short cuts to crank out racquets.
String enough racquets and time will go down and you can crank them out fast and properly done, which is most important.

It's bad enough if you give your racquet to a stringer and he double pulls, but to do it to yourself, I can't understand why someone would do it.
Take a little pride in your work and string it properly.

Join the USRSA and you get their technical manual and you can learn the proper protocols for stringing so you can follow the standard of care for stringing properly.
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I only double pull the first 2 mains @30 lbs. to set the first clamps. After that I increase to reference tension and single pull the rest of the racquet. When I come back to each center main, they get a second pull @reference tension.