Does anyone use stiff racquets with natural gut?


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More appropriate question: Does anyone still use natural gut? ;)
Only the best of the best do. The ones that consistently win grand Slams...

Folks on here ***** and moan about not being able to buy prostocks of the shelf. "if only I had djokovic racket I would be good"

Funny thing is that any of you could have djokovic/federer strings and most don't. Instead, you have Dominic Timmy strings, and then you wonder why you have limp wristed results.


Friend of mine just put Gut in his Blade 98's which are reasonably stiff. Took him some adjustment coming from a poly. Was hitting with him yesterday and he was 3-4 inches long at first on deep trading rallies but by the end had it dialled in.

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I only use gut in all my frames. I like my shoulder and wrist. they last twice as long as other strings in an 18 x 20 so even though the cost is higher up front the playability and tension maintenance is superior to any other string.
Had been using gut for 30+ years. Haven't played now in 8 years due to health issues and bad knee. Just got knee replaced. When I start playing again (hopefully within 3 months), I'm going to try a thin poly strung at 30#. Just before I quit playing, I tried Solinco Revolution 18 at 30# and it hit well. The main issue is that it didn't make any sound. Now, after not playing for so long, I'm hoping it will be easier to adjust to not having the sound that confirms a nice hit.


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But full bed. No. You lose the modern game of spin potential doing that. Not too many pros doing anything like that.


I use gut mains in my Yonex VCORE Pro (330g) which I consider to be fairly stiff. My favorite setup is Klip Legend mains and Max Power crosses. I tend to get arm issues hitting with full poly and my swing speed really isn't fast enough to take full advantage of it anyway. I think a lot of people would be better off with this kind of hybrid, but full poly is all the rage these days. Sometimes I'd like to go back to full gut, but most racquets are so powerful now it's hard to control and I hate dealing with string movement.