Does cross string Gauge affect spin?


Just purchased a reel of Tourna Big Hitter Silver 7 Tour 1.25 (which I know by experience and other users it´s more like a 1.20) and want to use it Hybrid with a Synthetic Gut cross.
The Synthetic gut ideally would be 1.25 but where I live I can only get 1.30 or 1.32 synthetic gut reels.

Would this affect spin or would it be very minimal difference?
The added perk is that I would get a bit more durability from the synthetic gut but if spin is affected I would look for a 1.25 gauge

For reference, I use a Blade 2015 18x20 so I dont like to go higher than 1.25 or 1.20 depending on the brand and have always used full poly.
Switching to hybrid just to future proof my elbow.
Cross string does affect spin, but mostly indirectly. You want something that allows the mains to do their job. I'd try something like Head Syn PPS. It seems to have a hard coating that allows the mains to slide across them more easily, which would enhance spin.


Syn gut is very affordable, try a few packs of different stuff before buying a reel. I have tried the major brands availables and while many are good, I have come to like Gosen (in natural) over them all.

I have played mainly with poly/s.gut hybrids, and OGSM has a playability that is very consistent thru the lifespam of the stringbed. I went 16g to 17g and last year I bought a reel of the 18g and I like how it feels and performs better, even most of those I string for (rec players and 4.0s) have switched to thiner gages after trying my frames.