Does djokovic play boring tennis?


He's "The Technician" who plays perfect technique on every shot, very boring.

Federer is "The Magician of Precision" which is far more exciting, shanks and all.


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I liked him better in 2007 when he was far more aggressive player.

He knows he can dial it back and just frustrate opponents.


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He just look like player who graduated from Bollettieri tennis academy with A plus note. Never been fan of these type of players.


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Not boring, just mechanical.
Yes, exactly.

He has a rather subtle game. Sometimes his skill isnt apparent. No one can tell if he wins because he's too good, or if he wins because his opponents arent good enough. Of course, its a little of both.

Watching his game, I feel his game revolves much more around the mental side, fighting one's own self, and forcing mental discipline to hit the high percentage shot each time, and having no weaknesses. He doesnt focus so much on his opponent as he does just focus on his own game. Which is probably why he sarcastically cheers on his opponents good shots and always seems upset with his own play. Because in his mind, he should have just played the point differently.

Nadal and Federer practice mental self discipline to an extent as well, but not as much as Djokovic I think. They go out there with a clear gameplan that revolves around their strengths. Their games are less subtle, and I feel more a display of skill and athleticism over mental discipline.
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Yeah I do find his tennis boring, at least against the non-big players. I mean, it's definitely good, solid tennis, but it's almost always unspectacular. Fed, Nadal, even Murray can play spectacular shots, be creative in their point construction etc. Djokovic is always solid and reliable, but it comes across as a robotic style of play for me. However, his style is a bit more enjoyable when he's aggressive with it, and his tennis is fun against Fed as the two match up very well. Against Murray it's a complete borefest, and it's the same against Nadal, which is saved by the fact that Nadal's forehand is a lot of fun to watch. Against the field, I prefer the other three and many others.


I think when he's on top he can actually play quite entertaining stuff. You often see it with Federer too where he starts to attack him, and Nole is forced to come out and play aggressively too, and so they turn out these beautiful matches like in New York and Paris in 2011. However when you get him uncomfortable, and put him under pressure as can happen a lot with Murray, as certainly happened in the Roland Garros final this year, then yes, he regresses, retreats behind the baseline, reverts to human backboard mode, and it's super dull.

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Yes! As someone who likes to watch aggressive tennis, I find guys like Federer, Tsonga and Kyrgios to be extremely entertaining. Djokovic's tennis is predictable and nothing out of the ordinary except for the sheer precision and consistency of his strokes. Right from his incessant ball tapping, it is just a bore fest.
Plus, the guy has little to no Charisma. His "jokes" and other silly things that he does just seem like fake publicity stunts to present him to the public in a more likable way much like his sarcastic, fake appreciation of opponents.
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Federer and Nadal are always fun to watch.
Murray more fun to watch than Djoker???? I don't like djoker but i think he's more fun to watch than muzard. I think rafa is the most entertaining of the 4 but fed is right up there.


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Djokovic, Nadal, and Murray are all dull as toast. Boring, soulless grindbots who only excel because of the era they play in. None has the skill or athleticism to build a game that would translate beyond slow-court, homogenized, poly-strung, power baselining.


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I cant say he's boring since his defensive ability is simply off the charts and his endurance/athleticism can only be rivaled by Nadal. Like most others though, I agree his game isn't as exciting as say Fed or Rafa's since it simply isn't as unique as theirs but to say he's boring is certainly a stretch imo.