Does "Hydrogen" Ever Cut Prices?


Damn, I love the Halloween vibe of some of their stuff, but I just won't pay 90 dollars for a tennis shirt.


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Since hydrogen is 14.5 times lighter than air, so my guess is price will keep rising like air? I like some of their stuff too, but the price is just too prohibitive for me. I think their only retain in the US is in New York. Just realized that TW carries their stuff. Wow $83 for a short! $89 for crew-neck T-shirt. Ouch.


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they do if you go directly onto their website. However, I have never tried to buy from their website. My guess is it's based in Italy so you might have to pay the shipping fee


A team member was in Milan, prices were higher than TW.
As a fan of The Ghost who walks from the comic strips [ the Phantom ], the skull caught my eye, but not at that price.