Does Length Really Matter?! Is Longer Really Better (when it comes to racquets)?! Extended Tennis Racquet Chat!

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In this episode, our playtesters go to great lengths to talk about all things extended tennis racquets! Everything from the advantages and disadvantages of using a longer frame; to what pros are using (or have used) extended racquets; to what their current favorite extended racquet is right now (and from the past).

We also answer some of your questions on the topic, like, how long does it take to adjust to a longer racquet? And do you alter your string set up with an extended racquet?


Happy Hitting!
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A most interesting podcast.

I myself have used an extended racquet, the Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 Stretch (28") 110, since it debuted back in 1996. I feel it works well for my game as I primarily hit two hands off of both sides. It’s a heavier frame by todays standards, which I personally like, and I feel it lends to allowing for solid control.

Thanks for the content!


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all i know is i hit 11 aces in a doubles match with a 27.25" racquet. i've never gotten close to that mark since in singles or doubles. yes, i do cling to that feat the way al bundy clings to 4 touchdowns in a single game.
@TW Staff how do we get more hints of this mystery xl frame that is being reintroduced???
if there's a mystery xl frame being reintroduced, i want in!