Does racquet head speed counteract affects of ball spin?

Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by shogun90, Aug 7, 2012.

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    Would you say that swinging out at a ball coming with a great amount of spin reduces the affect that the ball spin has? I've noticed that if someone hits a ball with a lot of slice (i.e. backspin) and I block it back, there is a tendency for the ball to have a more downward trajectory after I hit it. In table tennis, the spin that the ball has greatly affects the trajectory of the ball coming off the opponents paddle, so I was wondering if the same is true for tennis, but maybe swinging through would reduce it's affect.

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    Tennis is very different. In TT, incoming spin greatly controls the stroke and power will not help. Counterspin with correct paddle face angle is needed.

    In tennis, counter spin will work, e.g., topspin on topspin or slice on slice, but since the ball does not fly off the strings, power can smother any spin. That is how some pros crush Nadal's balls. It is something you can do in tennis because no amount of spin can overcome the weight of the frame and its momentum. But even if you don't counterspin, racket face angle is crucial and that is where most rec players screw up with incoming topspin.

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