Does the LM Prestige MP butt cap come off?

it opens for my fxp prestige mp. im not too sure about lead tapes because it is really messy inside.... best word i can think of (messy)


Does the LM Prestige MP butt cap come off?
Every butt cap comes off...
... except for Elise Carpenter's - the girl I briefly dated in grade 11.


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i think tribal is trying to ask about a trapdoor buttcap on the lm prestige like how wilson makes a small trapdoor at the buttcap


buttcap is different for lm prestiges than all the other racquets

for lm prestige, it's just a piece of plastic that's kinda glued(stickied) to the butt. you can take it off, and you can put it back on because it's still sticky. but just be careful after you take it off because it's fragile


I have 3 LM Prestige MP's. Two have normal Head buttcaps that DO have a trapdoor. They look exactly like this:

The third does not have a trapdoor buttcap, rather is has a shiny silver center.

All three are labelled 'Made in Czech Republic' and the one without the trapdoor appears to be a earlier production run based on the number on the buttcap.