Does the Nblade have a Head Grip shape??

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Gabs011, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Gabs011

    Gabs011 Guest

    I tried the Wilson Nblade recently and was surprised that it had a gripshape that was quite similar to the typical Head gripshape. I found this to be unusual as every single Wilson racket I've tried had the unique Wilson shape. Maybe this is because Wilson wanted the Nblade to resemble the Head Radical anyway....

    Does anyone agree about the gripshape?
  2. Alafter

    Alafter Hall of Fame

    Oct 4, 2005
    No, it does not have head's grip shape.
  3. kingdaddy41788

    kingdaddy41788 Hall of Fame

    May 7, 2006
    Houston, Texas
    Not at all. It has the same grip shape as every other wilson - ask anyone who plays with head and has hit with the nBlade

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