Does the Newer RF97A Have Kevlar?


Hall of Fame
yes it does
it is a component of the braided graphite
The only model that does not have some kevlar is the the 97 LS graphite only.
kevlar adds weight..

When Roger Federer, approached Wilson regarding an update of his iconic racquet, he knew one thing for sure: The specs were already perfect. So Roger and Wilson set out together to update the look, agreeing upon an all black cosmetic for the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph. A special matte black paint and laser engraved graphics give this racquet its dressed up, black tux look, while the graphite/Kevlar layup, the head light balance and the Perimeter Weighting System maintain the crucial elements of the original RF97 Autograph. At 12.6 oz strung, this stick does not get pushed around, and it rewards players who can swing it with authority. This racquet provided our TW testers with phenomenal control, but there was plenty of put-away power when they were able to deploy the mass. The high level of stability hid weaknesses and helped on defensive strokes, allowing our testers to get back into points. While we may not possess the perfection of Federer's game, we were thrilled to swing the racquet he helped design, and we did our best to tap into some of his magic. If you're looking to show your opponents what power and precision can look like, don't think twice about trying this most modern and evolved version of the Pro Staff -- a racquet designed by one of the best players our sport has ever seen.