Does TW have a shill policy?


Do you guys have a formal policy in place for product shills in this forum? You'd think with the amount of power and visibility in the defacto tennis equipment message boards, you guys could at least get paid if unscrupulous companies elect to use your resources for free advertising.

Off-topic spam posts for porno websites and prescription drugs are an easy call. Those are obviously deleted right quick. I'm asking about on-topic tennis related spam.


I ate some SPAM recently.. not as bad as I thought given the negative attitudes
you hear about SPAM... although it was very salty!
I thought I'd see what all the Hawaiians see in it...

Oops, I might be shilling for SPAM.
I promise.. this post about SPAM is not SPAM.

(I had the "bacon flavor" SPAM... not too bad with eggs on a bagel!)