Dominic Thiem in 2023

Dominic Thiem will

  • be top 10 in 2023

    Votes: 8 13.1%
  • be 11-20 in 2023

    Votes: 17 27.9%
  • be 21-30 in 2023

    Votes: 13 21.3%
  • be 31-50 in 2023

    Votes: 12 19.7%
  • be outside the top 50 in 2023

    Votes: 11 18.0%

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James P

Where do you think he'll fit in this season? Really seemed to finally be coming around towards the end of 2022.
He'll be out of the top 50. Thiem used to be good but now he is done. He underachieved, but so did many tennis players.
He'll be competing for wild cards like Murray.


I think he'll end up between 20 and 30. I don't think he'll be challenging for slams again until at least the USO 2024.

It's one thing being competitive in bo3 against some decent players at some MM events, but slams are a different beast.


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I am guessing that Thiem's TFCC injury (and re-injury) and the prolonged impact on his ability to play have given him a different, more mature perspective on the sport and time to reformulate his career goals. The illusion of invincibility that most have in their 20s is gone, replaced by a renewed focus and determination to make his remaining years in the sport count. He has also revamped his training with the help of Jez Green to improve his strength, fitness level, and resilience to injury. In the past few months, his confidence has been returning with solid victories over Tommy Paul and Hubert Hurkacz (whom Thiem had never beaten pre-injury). He also had a strong exhibition showing against Felix Auger-Aliassime in the past month.

With Thiem, my sense is that much depends on his subjective sense of his performance in practice. He sees where he is now and compares it in a very detailed way to his level in 2020. He knows what parts of his game are at or near that level and what parts still need work. I would speculate that all of this then goes into an unconscious calculation of whether he "deserves" to win against any given opponent. Again, all of this has been improving in the past few months. In my view, when he is once again confident that his practice level has reached or exceeded that of 2020, we will once again see Thiem play shockingly well against the top players in the world and challenge for any title.


Is there any precedence of a player coming back to Top 3 level after being in the low ranking wilderness for two years due to a major injury?


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It is shocking how narrow the edges are between the top 100 ATP players. Everything is so finely tuned that eight months off is a major setback. Also, not all sidelining injuries are created equal. Coming back from a TFCC injury is particularly difficult as you have to regain the trust in a key joint that is involved in every single shot. I am a bit surprised that Thiem does not continue wearing the wrist widget, just for the added sense of security about reinjury. I suspect it reflects that reinjury is not really on his mind any longer, and his team is happy with his recovery/rehab. He is likely just more focused on getting back to where he was, skill-wise. That is his biggest hurdle right now.

I would also like to see Thiem improve his on-court positivity and body language. He can become quite negative with himself at times. This is likely at least partially personality-based - I suspect he is highly perfectionistic and prone to self-criticism and a negative self-view. Sometimes yelling at himself seems to fire him up and leads to an improvement in his level. At other times, however, I think his negative body language hurts him and his game. I think he would do well to consult a high-level sports psychologist to train his internal self-talk and body language to be more helpful, similar to Nadal's on-court demeanor, which in my opinion, is "best in sport."


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he did have some pretty inspired matches against hubi and paul, some others. but I don't see him grinding it out against someone like Alcaraz for a full season.

i always find wrist injury on 1hbhers pretty suspect. and he was overtrained, plus the drama around the unexpected recovery time leads to some deep-seated burnout.


He passed the eye test late last year- I see him back in the top 20 but didn't watch his disaster yesterday.

big ted

muster said from the get go there prob won't be any real comeback until 2023 so ill take his word for it. thiem prob should have kept him as a coach to help navigate his comeback. muster had about the biggest injury & the best comeback that I know of



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muster said from the get go there prob won't be any real comeback until 2023 so ill take his word for it. thiem prob should have kept him as a coach to help navigate his comeback. muster had about the biggest injury & the best comeback that I know of

Thomas was too consistently intense for Dominic, apparently :)