Donald Young .. a true disappointment, whats new?


jackson vile said:
I thought he retired?:confused:

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:
He might as well - he has no power and not much feel - incredible anyone ever thought this guy had pro potential. Juniors only and now with his confidence gone even that's too much for him.


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for all those that are criticizing him..

how good were YOU when you were 16? i'm sure not nearly as good as him or i would've heard of you

just let him train and mature over the next 2 years and he'll be well suited for atp matches


BabolatFan said:
Ok he got a wildcard into the 2005 USO and tennis fans saw him there. Other than that he's just a regular tennis boy who's been trying to find his niche game. IMO, he should think abt his college instead and play there. It's pretty tough out on the tour and he's not showing any unbelievably unique talent.
Sorry I revived this thread. I'm just waiting to see a new episode of "So you think you can dance" on Fox. :lol:


HAHHA the unseeded kid that beat Donald.. lost the very next round with the respectable score of

1-6, 1-6!

Just shows how much of a great player beat Donald Young.


I saw Donald Young play in the US Open last year. I thought he had exceptional touch. He is a wonderful volleyer. He has a great feel for the ball. Fantastic shot maker. I like his forehand a lot as well.

His small size definitely hurts him against the pros though. It's a serious problem at that level. His serve has a lot of spin and he can't rip a flat serve (perhaps because of his height?).

I think he is an incredible player. He is quick with some serious god given talent and amazing feel for the ball. That being said, without a bigger serve, and due to his small size, I don't see him making it too far on the pro tour. But I hope I'm wrong because he is amazing to watch.


^ Yeah, I hope he gets taller and packs on some muscle and starts making some noise. From what little I've seen, he's got a really fun game.