Donate Old Racquets To Polish Kids!

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Frank Riley, Nov 3, 2005.

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    Hello everyone, I have been contacted by Pekao Investments a company that runs the Pekao Open in Poland, they are investing their time and efforts in running a new program to bring donated tennis gear and racquets to poor kids in Poland. The idea is to provide equipment to orphanages, shelters and small poor tennis clubs. IF YOU HAVE A RACQUET SITTING AT HOME NOT BEING USED PLEASE SEND IT TO ME AND I WILL MAIL IT TO THIS PROGRAM! You can also make money donations and I will forward that to them as well. The program is called Pass on your racket. Want to make a poor kid smile and have hope then let him or her hold your old racquet and play a game he or she will love. The sport is taking off in that part of the world dont let your old stick sit in a corner doing nothing, let a sweet poor kid use it.

    Thank You in advance for giving with your heart.
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