Donnay Apparel



Anyone out there have any current Donnay tennis apparel? I am trying to find Greg Rusedski's shirts, shorts, bags, hell even socks. I can't find them anywhere.

I called Donnay International outlets in the UK. I am just seeing if anyone as the new line or old line of Rusedski clothing.

I am also going to make a fake Tommy Haas shirt (HASI) from an old white reebok play dry.

Cheers! Anyone could help that would be great. I collect all Donnay. :D

Brian Purdie

Yes, the HASI clothing company does not exist. you will have to make your own, as did Haas himself. He probably just found a few iron-ons from the local fabric store. I've never seen a player win an ATP masters series event without a sponsor. He'll be signed to someone come time for the US Open.