Donnay Experts, Help me!!


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Hello everyone! Nice to meet you... I am a new user, my name is Davide and I write from Italy (so sorry my English!) ;)

I ask you for help to find out more about a Donnay racket, which I recently bought.
I looked for info EVERYWHERE, but I didn't find any site that gave it to me ... nothing at all !! :rolleyes:

The racquet is a Donnay, on the frame it says "COMP PRO", with code "857.39"... Made in Belgium.
It's a "Vintage Style" Midsize racquet...thin and heavy (360gr unstrung)... with 16X19 Pattern.

All the info I have, are these. Could anyone tell me more?
I would like to know what year it can be, and if it were a particular model.

Here are some photos:

Thanks to anyone who can help me! (y)


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Hi Big Ted!
I really don't know what year it can be.... But yes, the conditions are excellent!
This thing that is not even an info, all over the web, is incredible! Possible that no one has ever talked about it ... in any forum!
Maybe I could contact Donnay directly ... what do you think?

Dino Lagaffe

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Sorry, no info from me. I have close to 50 classic Donnays, but not this one. Nice find!

I don't think contacting Donnay is useful. New company, only the name is the same.


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Mmm yes, you're right ... the company is no longer the same as it was at the time. Thanks for your advice!
I hoped to find maybe a promotional poster or price list of the time ... but it's difficult.
I believe it will remain a mystery :rolleyes:
I have a Donnay International wood. It's sharp, and has the name of every pro player using the racket that year--even Bjorn Borg's wife. The names are written down the shaft from head to grip.