Donnay Micron- impressed so far


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Got my hands on a set to try out. I wasn't expecting much to be honest but I'm quite impressed by the string
Real easy to string with a nice smooth coating.
Crisp with lots of pop and great spin potential, almost poly-esque to me.
I'll need a few more hits to see how it holds tension though

Anyone else try this stuff?


I got my Donnay Pro One strung with it and its ok. Don't love it or hate it. Agree its very crisp feeling. Might be a worthwhile multi since its price point is lower than most at $14. Think I prefer Xcel or NRG though.


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Meh, another OEM string. Thought it was OK in a sea of cloned strings, but nothing special and, certainly, nothing proprietary or original.


anyone else tried this new multi?

also...its listed as "yellow", but its not at all.
just normal "natural" color like NRG or NXT.