Donnay Pro One OS EXT my thoughts

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by tailofdog, Mar 6, 2013.

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    Dec 19, 2007
    Surprised by this racquet. I will be 65 soon and, enjoy a racquet with a
    Little power. I have been playing with a 12 oz racquet that was giving me trouble under pressure.
    I play at a 4.0 level but, have had a layoff. Everything is still ther just, rusty.
    I did not find this racquets power overwelming at all. When stuck I could hit a good slice to more than defend. I could still hit out and bring the ball in.
    Some volleys floated but, I enjoyed the extra depth and, power. I was able to control them in short order.
    The severe had an extra measure of grunt which is always a big plus! At 10.2 oz
    I could hit my topspin ohbh with good follow through that, I lost on my 12 oz racquet.
    The racquet really feels stable even at this weight. At 65 I, am not facing monster balls. The racquet does have a different feel. Not bad just different.
    I have it strung with Prince Recoil which I had hanging around at 45 lbs and, this
    Feels just the right tension.
    This is a very nice racquet and, I am pleased to have bought it. I don't mean it, changes the game just, a very nice stick

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