Don't sit on changeovers in cold weather.

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Got bit by another lower back strain (maybe upper glut, actually?) tonight in a cold weather singles match. Was up 4-2 on a stronger player than me, but then a wincing pain developed in my lower right back area.

Virtually the same thing happened about 2 years ago under similar conditions.

Tend to think that standard seating options (not just sports benches) are too low and often times excessively cushioned for good spine/back health.


I typically don't sit in cold conditions for fear of something tightening up. I also just got over a back issue that has happened probably 5 times before. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure all injuries were in cooler weather.


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Not only would I not sit down on changeovers, I would always try to keep moving. Trunk twists, shadow swinging, rope skipping, etc.

Just shy of 69 yo now, I have a difficult time tolerating anything below the mid/low 50s F. But when I was playing in my fifties (years old), I was still playing in weather much colder... often below 40 F. I would often take a mini stepper to the court with me to warm up and to keep warm on change-overs.

I would also do a lot of ball bouncing between games to keep the balls warm and lively. Try not to let any balls ever sit on the cold court.


I generally don't play matches in temps below 45. Instead, I practice for an hour and don't sit until I get back in the car--and then turn on the heated seat. It's true--changeovers in the cold can lead to injuries. Good post, OP.


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I was hoping OP's butt got stuck/froze to the bench.
I was about to leave the thread disappointed but the mockery of homeless testicles cheered me up!